Wea Creek Labradors  

Specializing in Silver and Charcoal Labradors

Our Guys

Sattlers Silver Gun Slinger

Gunner is our Silver Male. He is a huge Ham. Gunner is an outgoing dog with his nose to the ground constantly.  He has been exposed to live birds and gun fire and is showing great promise. He loves the water and lives to play fetch. He has an excellent temperament and personality. Gunner is a big guy, weighing in at just over 100 pounds.
Gunner has produced  some excellent pups that are hunting in the feild or on the water. He is also a very quiet and  polite house and travel companion.
Gunner is
"EE bb dd"

CMS Gun Slingers Justice
Justice is  our Charcoal male. He is out of our Silver stud Gunner and our Charcoal female Bella. He was born in December 2016.
Justice is showing exceptional promise as our Upland Game dog. He has had 2 months of professional training so far and we are very pleased with his progress and potential. Justice is a very kind and smart dog. He has plenty of go but loves to be handled. We are very excited to see what he does in the future.
Justice is a Dilute Black Labrador.
He is
"EE Bb dd"

CMS Duck Duck Goose
Goose is our up and coming Champagne Male. He has a light colored coat with a Liver nose and Liver color around his eyes. Goose is a young and laid back boy. He loves to retrieve and lives to play ball. Goose is well socialized and is great with children. Goose is growing each and every day in size and spirit. He currently weighs about 85 pounds but with his frame we expect him to reach about 95 pounds.
Goose is a Dilute Yellow Labrador.
He is 
"ee bb dd"

JSS Blued Steel Remington
Remington is a Silver male owned by Timberland Labradors. 
We are pleaseed to have the opportunity to use him as a stud. He was born in October 2015. He has a great temprament and is a very smart dog. He loves toe water and loves to retreive. He weighs about 75 pounds and is very athletic. He is a first generation Silver. 
He is
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